History of YOUR clan

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The Ring of Death

The wind blows through the wastelands of Forbidden Absolution... Nothing out there, just the sand... You see totally nothing... But if you look right, very right, maybe you'll need a spyglass for it, you'll be able to see a small, small world, called "Nothing". In this tiny little world, all the rings of FA are made, the gold ones, the silver ones but also others... This story is about a little man called Yoro. He lived in Nothing and was a blacksmid, he made gold rings for Minus21 and lived there in peace. But at one day, he found a black stone in the wastelands, it smelled rotten... But he because he thought it to be very rare.

After the keyman of Locksford came to him again to get some gold rings, he had some money again and started to think about making a ring out of the black stone. But all the gold he used for it, really, millions and millions he melted to gold bars and he made a ring from it, but when he putted the black stone in it, it turned black and melted rotten. He went to one of his friends, who was a miner, and asked him about it. He didnt reconize it so he took his pickaxe and walked with Yoro deep into the mine to get every ore they could find that Yoro could possibly be able to make a ring from.

In the end they found an ore, purple, no weight, but hard, very hard. So they decided to give it a try and made a ring out of it. It shrinked immediately and smelled rotten. But they couldnt get the black stone out of it. So they simply threw it away because they had already spent far too much gold and energy on it.

And there it lies even now, nobody knows were it is, the ring of death, yes thats what they call them now, if a traveler without a strong enough soal (and no traveler had the right soal so far), that ever saw him, or found the location where it lies, was found death after it, and never woke up... the Ring of Death, if you ever find it, think again before you take it...

The Abbey

Now there's just nothing, but a long time ago, there was an Abbey in wastelands 43,87.
In Abbey were a prior, some monks and some normal people. At an evening, they were all praying when they suddenly heard some raging. A few minutes later, a gang with his capt'n entered and captured the Abbey. They wanted to kill everyone but the prior said:
"Stop capt'n! Just kill us, but just kill me and leave the others alone"
But they were all killed, except the prior.
And finally he said:
"Capt'n, within a year, the Lord will punish you. You know what you've done and you'll have to help good people for a whole year to compensate"
But then the Capt'n killed the prior himselves and took all the treasures from the Abbey. And then they all went home. But the capt'n said:
"What that old man told us should be lied, but if it's true, we'll make a lot of plesure in our last year on earth"
So they drunk, they partied, and they talked, a lot in the Abbey (wich was now used as a partyhall)
And then the day had come, that it was exactly a year ago that they had captured the Abbey. They were partying all the night but at midnight, they suddenly hear a lot of noise and the whole Abbey sunk into the sand.
So if you would go now to wasteland 43,87 you will only see some sand and hear a noise but that should be nothing.

Clan's History --- White Numénoréans

A long, long time ago, there was an island in the middle of the Locksford Lake. The Numenoreans lived on that island and it was a rich and wise folk.
They lived in peace for many ages, sometimes they were attacked but because there barely were other races with the equipment to fight they never had a war during longer then one day.
But this luck could never resist too long. 7200 B.C. a meteor hitted the see and the Numénoréan island was flood and all witnesses of this long forgotten time were lost.
Luckily enough, the peoples of Numénor were really smart, and some of them resisted. When the hour of Doom went up, a couple of hundreds Numénoréan were sailed away to the land and climbed up a mountain and they saw the end of the island of Numénor far away. And they knew, that there would be never a land so powerfull then the old Numénor and they called it Atalantë (the flooded land).
They started teaching the ape-man about fire and wheels. And because they already found the elixer of life, they lived for thousands of years.
2000 years B.C. the Egypts build an emperium and the Numénoréans found that is was their time to leave. But some of the Numénoréans didn't want to leave. Those Numénoréans are now known as the Dark Numenoréan, because they used their power for the dark powers from the earth. The other Numénoréans also remained to defend the earth against the Dark Numénoréans (they are now known as the White Numénoréans). And for a long time there was war between those camps. The Dark powers were on the winning side, so the other people of Numénor build up a fortress to resist. The Dark Numénoréans, led by the Shadow, marcht upon the fortress of Numénor. It was a long fight but the White Numénoréans resisted.
In +-300 A.C. the Dark Numénoréans striked down for the last time upon White Numénor by putting the rest of the world agains White Numénor and so one of the normal imperiums together with the Dark Numénoréans, marcht to the Numénoréan fortresse and defeated the already weakened Numénor.
The last of the Numénoréan human, saw that the earth was a lost case and it would only become darker and left to the world of Forbidden Absolution.

The Church of Locksford

A long time ago, the pope told the peoples of Locksford to build a church inside the town of Locksford. But in those days, Locksford was very very poor, with only some wooden buildings, farmers and fishers. So there was no money! They send a man to the pope to ask for money, but because the pope already spent his money on the build of the Devine Courth he couldnt finance the Locksford Church. The man headed back to Locksford but in the wastelands, he noticed a strange shadow. The shadow spoke to him and said.
"I will give you the money for your church IF I may take the first soul who enters the church to hell"
The man quickly agreed because he didnt want to get back without the gold. And the build started. Soon the Church was finished and he had to tell the other citizens of Locksford about the deal. The Mayor had a good idea, he told one of the farmers to give him a cow and they pushed the cow into the Church. Of course the shadow (who was the devil) was really angry and took a large bag of stones and throwed it out of the air right onto Locksford. But the Brit (a ranger from phitia) saw the stones falling out of the air, took out his bow and shot a hole in the bag. So all stones feld out of it and fell near the town of Locksford and created the mountain. And that mountain still excists! All the clanmines are build in the mountain my friend.